Personalized URLs PURLs

PURLs: The Ins and Outs

Personalized URLs (PURLs) are web URLS with the customer’s name. Usually these PURLs are included in a direct mail piece as a way to get customers to respond. For example, say United Mail decides to start a direct mail campaign for our clients. We would send out a postcard to every single client with their name and address on them using our variable data printing, and on the postcard it would say “Get a free $5 Starbucks card if [...]

United Mail History

History of United Mail

Have you ever wondered how United Mail became a major regional direct marketing force in the Midwest? Lee Kirkwood recognized an opportunity and had the entrepreneurial courage to follow it. He spent times in the evenings pursuing this dream when he got off work at his job as a bank officer. In the late 1970’s, the US Postal Service offered a 2 cent discount to companies who presented mail to them in zip code sequence. Lee thought that he could [...]

NFC and Direct Marketing

Apple Pay, NFC and Direct Marketing

The iPhone 6 was revealed yesterday, with the Apple Pay system. The Apple Pay System relies on NFC (near-field communications) to send payment information to a vendor. Mobile payment systems like this are intended to replace the physical wallet. Developers will be able to build apps for Apple Pay starting next month. So what is similar to Apple Pay right now? QR Code marketing has been utilized by companies for several years. The use of QR codes has gone up over [...]

List Profiling Customers Prospects

List profiling: who are your customers and where are your prospects?

What do your best customers look like? I am often amazed to find that many marketers actually know very little about their clients or that the information that they do have is inaccurate. In today’s world, it is not uncommon for marketers to observe falling responses, increasing customer acquisition costs, customer relationship attrition, and a decrease in the number of purchases made by each customer. Because of this, there is more motivation to find new ways to make their marketing campaign effective. [...]

Quality Culture ISO 9001 2008

Creating a Quality Culture – ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Since United Mail became ISO 9001:2008 certified, the associated procedures and guidelines have encouraged our employees to think about “quality” in a whole new light. A quality culture is now the mindset throughout United Mail. Our motto is “Do it right, and on time, every time.” It was a collaborative effort that allowed us to achieve the certification and that remains so today. Our employees grow from co-workers to teammates to ensure the finished product meets the customer’s standards. People [...]

Survive and Thrive - Acquisitions

Survive and thrive in acquisitions

Web-based tools simplify your sales and marketing in tumultuous times When your company grows by acquisition, your IT group is often flooded with projects around infrastructure and integrating legacy software. Little to no attention is paid to the technology needs of the sales and marketing for your growing company. At the same time, your CEO, CMO and CFO are telling you to update materials with newly acquired brands, distribute them to your expanded enterprise and communicate more with customers. Your [...]

Dave Renke

Employee Spotlight: Dave Renke

Dave Renke has been Cincinnati’s Lettershop Manager for nine years, is an Air Force Veteran, and has been involved with everything from Mentoring Plus to water polo. United Mail employees have all sort of interesting stories, and Dave is no different. Read on for more about him. We heard through the grapevine you are a mentor. Where and how long have you been involved in that? I’ve been with Mentoring Plus for almost two years. Mentoring Plus is a program in the [...]

Direct Marketing Response

It’s Not All Digital: Direct Marketing Response

Time and time again, we’ve been told that the expected response rate of direct marketing is 1-2%. Even if that were true, it’s better than email response rate of 0.12%, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 report. In a fast-moving world of social media and other digital marketing, direct mail stands out with a total 4.4% response rate. Direct mail, when it’s personalized, is actually less cluttered than seeing an advertisement on the side of your screen, your thousands [...]

United Mail Cares About Our Veterans

United Mail Cares About Our Veterans

In 2016, the American Legion, the nation’s largest veterans organization will be holding its annual convention in Cincinnati. The convention is being held at the Duke Energy Convention center, which is just minutes away from United Mail’s Cincinnati location. So what does the American Legion convention have to do with United Mail? Well, here is a fun fact! United Mail is a Veteran owned company. Also, there are a number of Veteran employees at both our Louisville and Cincinnati facilities. In [...]

Intelligent Mail and Certification

Intelligent Mail and Full Service Processing Certification

United Mail is pleased to announce that we have obtained certification for Intelligent Mail and Full Service processing from the United State Postal Service. Intelligent Mail is the next generation of mailing services available from the Postal Service. Participating mailers can gain end-to-end visibility into the mail stream by using Intelligent Mail barcodes and by submitting electronic documentation. Additionally full service mailers can benefit from further postal discounts that are currently set at .003 per piece for First Class [...]