How United Mail Works With You

Every client, and every client’s challenges, are unique, so we handle every case with a personal touch.

Goals & Objectives

We believe in listening, in asking the right questions, in clarifying objectives, and setting measurable goals.

Planning & Research

This is where we examine current market trends, explore communication habits, and research demographic profiles to understand what motivates your target audience. We’ll even help you find the right partner for more in-depth audience research such as focus groups and surveys.


If Planning & Research is about understanding, ideation is about communicating. For example, once we learn an audience loves texting, we’ll work with you to develop a communication strategy built around this preference. What offers can we test? Would a premium lift response? We leave no stone unturned to make your project a success.


United Mail meets the industry's highest standards of production by employing ISO 9001:2015 criteria across all our services. As part of our ISO Certification, we conduct routine internal and external audits of our entire quality management system to refine and improve procedures.


We analyze your communication plans, projects, and processes to make future communications more effective and efficient. Optimization takes place when we employ these findings into your next projects and continue to improve.