2020 usps postage rates

2020 Postage Rate Changes

Each year the United States Postal Services (USPS) calculates and proposes incremental price adjustments to ensure that prices stay in line with operating costs. USPS does not receive tax dollars for operating expenses and relies instead on accurately matching postage rates to costs. These proposed prices are then submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission for approval, and to ensure that the rates will generate revenue that more-or-less matches operating costs. Download 2020 Postage Rate Card (PDF) When these changes go into [...]

Direct Mail Marketing 2020

Direct Mail Marketing on the Rise in 2020

All marketing professionals are sure to be familiar with the longstanding institution of direct mail, but, as we head into a new decade, and with all the talk surrounding social media and search engine optimization it might surprise most to know that direct mail marketing is thriving in 2020. In fact, it’s on the rise. Top Response Rate Today’s direct mail response rate is a whopping 4.9% for prospect lists, and 9% for house lists (Source: ANA/DMA Response Rate Report 2018). [...]

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

How United Mail is Reducing Energy Consumption in the New Decade

We all set goals and resolutions at the start of the year, and with a new decade often comes an even more goal-oriented and forward-thinking approach. United Mail is no exception. After identifying several areas for improvement in terms of energy consumption, reduction of carbon footprint, and increase in efficiency, we now not only have our own goals for the new year and the new decade but concrete steps we can take to achieve them. Kentucky Industrial Assessment Center Last year [...]

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas from United Mail

Christmas is closing in, and it’s time to embrace the spirit of giving. As we come together, we are invited to celebrate family and unity. For United Mail, it’s also an excellent opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been fortunate to be given — and what we’ve been able to give. A Time for Reflection One of the most significant lessons from Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol is to reflect on and learn from past experiences to avoid becoming miserly and self-centered. [...]

Thanksgiving 2019

United Mail Gives Thanks for a Thriving 2019

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to take stock for everything we have to be grateful for. 2019 has certainly been challenging in some ways but immensely rewarding in others. As we go forward through the holiday season, it’s important to take note of everything we have to be thankful for. Our Family Our work family at United Mail is incredibly close. We have a profound and underlying trust among each other, but our families at home are the reason [...]

variable data saddle stitching

StitchLiner MARK III: Taking Variable Data Printing to the Next Level

What is Variable Data Printing? Connecting with costumers on a one on one level has never been easier with variable data printing (VDP). VDP helps companies and advertisers reach and relate to customers on a personalized or individual level. VDP improves the reader rate and response rate of direct mail, generating more customers, and building satisfaction and trust. VDP does this by making direct mail campaigns customer or region-specific, using data profiles and regional information to inform, personalize, and schedule [...]


The Power of Variable Data Printing

How do you make your wide-scale send-out seem more personal and relevant to the individual customer without having to draft individual pieces of mail for every recipient? One way is to utilize the power of Variable Data Printing (VDP). It’s a simple concept: the best way to really reach the most people possible isn’t to be as broad as possible but rather to be as individual as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by making [...]


Marketing for the Millennial Mailbox

If you think a Millennial is someone glued to their phone, happy to ignore their mailbox, and only reachable through social media, email, and other digital marketing channels, you’d be completely wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. We all know Millennials have a love affair with their phones and devices, but they also have a love affair with their mailboxes. That’s right, Millennials are actually excited, attentive, and responsive when it comes to mail, making mail marketing one [...]

Capital One Data Breach

The Continued Importance of Working with a HITRUST CFS Certified Company

Latest Data Breach: Capital One In our technological climate, it’s not surprising to learn about another data breach. It seems that many times a year, multiple manufacturing, financial, insurance, and healthcare industry leaders experience a breakdown in their security frameworks. As a result of a data breach or accidental leak, the sensitive information of millions of people becomes compromised. That information, which likely includes a person’s social security number, address, birthdate, and even bank credentials, circulates on the internet often [...]

The Legacy of Famous USPS Employees

The Legacy of Famous USPS Employees

A surprising number of important historical, political, and cultural figures have contributed to the success of the USPS. Some of course are more surprising than others, but each carried a vision of distributing information precisely. Without their help and without the help of countless other unsung postal workers, direct mail would not be the trusted institution as we know it today. In this post, we profile some surprising and not-so-surprising figures who have helped create the postal service system [...]