USPS 2020 Promotions

Your Guide to the USPS 2020 Promotions

Once again, the USPS has unveiled a series of promotions that marketers can take advantage of for some real savings. There are six promotions in total, and, with varying registration dates and promotion periods, we’re here to help you make sense of the promotions and help you get the most out of them. USPS Promotions These promotions build on the promotions from years prior, which have been a huge success for everyone. The six promotions this year are similar to those [...]

coronavirus updates

Coronavirus Update

This communication was emailed to our clients on 03/13/20. For up-to-date info visit our Operating Status page. First, we want you to know that we appreciate the trust you place in us on a daily basis. Being a leader in our industry, we are often faced with challenges that require us to implement contingency plans to sustain our operations and minimize the impact on your business. That is why we wanted to personally update you on our enhanced measures to [...]

iJetColor NXT

iJetColor NXT: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

United Mail has recently made another investment in the latest technology so that clients don’t need to compromise on their ideas for the sake of efficiency or cost. The new iJetColor NXT makes it possible to do new things for customers, all while increasing efficiency and quality control. With this new piece of hardware, your ideas can be brought to life like never before. With high production speeds, top-notch color and quality, and flexible feed, the iJetColor NXT represents [...]

United Mail Named Best Workplace 2020

United Mail Named Best Workplace 2020

Just recently, United Mail has been named the winner of a Best Workplace 2020 designation by Printing Industries of America, the world’s largest graphic arts trade association. The Best Workplace in the Americas award program recognizes organizations that exhibit the attributes and qualities of an ideal workplace to the highest degree and order, through rigorous judgment by human relations industry professionals. Download Certificate (PDF) The Criteria Achievement as a Best Workplace was measured by the Printing Industries of America’s (PIA) panel of [...]

Top printer of 2020 list

Climbing the Ranks of North America’s Top Printers

In Printing Impressions’ recent compilation of the top 400 printers, United Mail ranked 182nd out of all printers in North America. To be matched up against, and come out on top, of more than half of the biggest names in the industry is a real achievement. With our targets now locked on climbing even higher on the ladder, we want to take a look at what it means to be so highly ranked, and how we managed to achieve [...]

2020 usps postage rates

2020 Postage Rate Changes

Each year the United States Postal Service (USPS) calculates and proposes incremental price adjustments to ensure that prices stay in line with operating costs. The USPS does not receive tax dollars for operating expenses; therefore, they rely on accurately matching postage rates to costs. These proposed prices are then submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission for approval, and to ensure that the rates will generate revenue that more-or-less matches operating costs. Download 2020 Postage Rate Card (PDF) When these changes go [...]

Direct Mail Marketing 2020

Direct Mail Marketing in 2020

All marketing professionals are sure to be familiar with the longstanding institution of direct mail, but it might be surprising to know that direct mail marketing is thriving in 2020. As we head into a new decade, and with all the talk surrounding social media and search engine optimization, it’s interesting to know that direct mail is in fact, on the rise. Top Response Rate Today’s direct mail response rate is a whopping 4.9% for prospect lists, and 9% for house [...]

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

How United Mail is Reducing Energy Consumption in the New Decade

We all set goals and resolutions at the start of the year, and with a new decade often comes an even more goal-oriented and forward-thinking approach. United Mail is no exception. After identifying several areas for improvement in terms of energy consumption, reduction of carbon footprint, and increase in efficiency, we now not only have our own goals for the new year and the new decade but concrete steps we can take to achieve them. Kentucky Industrial Assessment Center Last year [...]

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas from United Mail

Christmas is closing in, and it’s time to embrace the spirit of giving. As we come together, we are invited to celebrate family and unity. For United Mail, it’s also an excellent opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been fortunate to be given — and what we’ve been able to give. A Time for Reflection One of the most significant lessons from Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol is to reflect on and learn from past experiences to avoid becoming miserly and self-centered. [...]

Thanksgiving 2019

United Mail Gives Thanks for a Thriving 2019

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to take stock for everything we have to be grateful for. 2019 has certainly been challenging in some ways but immensely rewarding in others. As we go forward through the holiday season, it’s important to take note of everything we have to be thankful for. Our Family Our work family at United Mail is incredibly close. We have a profound and underlying trust among each other, but our families at home are the reason [...]