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Staying competitive in this digital world means more than just cutting your prices to the bone. You need to find ways to improve productivity and deliver more value to customers so they no longer see you as another vendor to price-shop – they see you as a partner in their marketing efforts.

One way to improve your productivity is to automate as many of your daily tasks as possible. By using a digital storefront (also know as web-to-print) with a streamlined workflow, you can both boost your productivity and provide your customers a more convenient ordering process.

Benefits of Managing Your Workflow Through a Storefront

There are several key benefits for both you and your customers of directing your workflow through a storefront. First, you can more easily add services beyond print, such as fulfillment, branded/personalized products, and marketing materials.

Another great benefit is your ability to generate orders even during off hours. Your customers can place orders, re-order products, and more. The storefront provides them 24/7 access to their orders, along with stock levels and customization capability. And by automating the ordering process, you can increase your order volume without adding several more staff members.

Centralized Operations

One of the best things about using a digital storefront to manage your workflow is that you can centralize a lot of your tasks. Your storefront solution can combine order submission and fulfillment, cutting down on a lot of the administrative tasks that limit your daily productivity.

Do you have to outsource the occasional job? A digital storefront can even make this more seamless, merging an outsourcing job efficiently into your larger workflow. On the client’s side, their ordering process can look exactly the same as any other order they place with you. This cuts additional steps that can put a hitch in your otherwise smooth ordering and fulfillment process.

Growing and thriving in the face of an ever-more competitive market can seem overwhelming. Automating your workflow through tools like a digital storefront can cut down on the need to add more staff and other resources – which means you can increase revenue without a lot of extra overhead.

Do you have a digital storefront in place? If not, contact us today if you have any questions, or to schedule a digital storefront demo.