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Everyone seems to have a smartphone in their pocket these days. As more consumers get their hands on pocket-sized computers, they now expect to be able to interact with content anytime, anywhere. This trend has spilled over into the business world, where the ease of distribution of digital media has become essential.

The printing industry has remained robust through this trend, but the fact remains that shops need to adapt to these preferences in order to remain successful. Countless options exist to combine print and digital to boost a shop’s bottom line. Here are just a few:

Digital Content Sharing and Distribution

Cloud services have become a regular part of the workday, and present a major convenience for businesses of all sizes. Instead of running massive print jobs and sending paper documents to everyone on a team or in the organization, the business can upload the content to their digital platform or cloud hosting and allow all team members to access it as needed. They can then order print runs as needed, and more easily update materials.

Printers can take advantage of this trend by introducing cloud hosting options, on-demand printing, or a combination of the two. Integrating the hosting and printing of a company’s content increases value and strengthens long-term relationships between print vendors and business customers.

On-Demand Printing

Speaking of on-demand printing, it’s becoming a big part of many printers’ businesses. For customers, it makes sense – they don’t waste as much paper as they do with bulk print runs, and they can more easily update materials and distribute them to branch locations or offices.

Printers who can offer on-demand printing and mailing services take a large burden off these companies, who no longer have to ship materials themselves.

Hand in hand with on-demand printing is web-to-print, which further increases convenience for businesses. Instead of ordering huge print runs of branded materials like brochures, sales guides, and training manuals, they can order just the quantities they need and have them shipped directly to the branch location that needs them.

Services like these, which improve efficiency of content distribution and reduce waste, present a big opportunity for printers who can adapt. By thinking creatively about the needs of their business customers, printers can continue to thrive in an ever-more competitive industry.

Web-to-Print Demo

United Mail offers an on-demand printing service. We would love to show you a demo and answer any questions you may have about this service. Request a call today!