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United Mail has a firm commitment to accommodating, quality customer service. Moreover, our goal is to adapt appropriately to our client’s needs, regardless of the project. This post will highlight some instances where we have successfully grown businesses across many industries through our unique services.

Case Study: Non-Profit (Direct Mail, List Management, QR Codes)

A few years ago, we worked closely with a non-profit healthcare system in Kentucky with medical service centers in many rural counties. At the same time that this healthcare system was able to serve 280,000 people in 2012, there were still many people who simply did not know about the medical services available to them. In response, United Mail worked with the client to strategize the best possible solution.

We created a mail piece for every household within two miles of the healthcare system’s Family Care Centers, finding that these homes would have the highest possible penetration and would be the most cost-efficient from a postage standpoint. The mail piece was a specially printed, full-colored magnet with a unique QR code that would lead to the Family Care Center’s website. After our direct mail campaign, the client reported a 55% increase in appointments and a 108% increase in website visits over the previous month. This example illustrates how United Mail can adapt to any industry to ensure your direct mail campaign satisfies your company’s needs.

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Case Study: Political Campaign (IP Marketing)

Separately, we offer a full range of services with different concentrations to help our clients achieve their goals. Specifically, in 2013, we offered our IP marketing services to Eric Garcetti’s mayoral campaign in Los Angeles, California. In this instance, we at United Mail worked directly with Garcetti’s team to develop and carry out an online campaign aimed toward Spanish- and English-speaking Latinos, aged 18-46. For the benefit of the campaign, we employed our cutting-edge technology to target specific internet users within LA households.

Through this micro-targeting strategy, we created a successful IP marketing campaign, generating 10-17% better click-through rates for Spanish- and English-speaking Latinos between the ages of 18-46. Yes, this may appear a dry marketing statistic, but we can safely say we assisted this political campaign secure a demographic vote because of our IP campaign service.

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Case Study: Valvoline (List Management, Variable Data Printing, PURLs)

Finally, United Mail has incorporated the use of personalized URLs (PURLs) with our clients to achieve stable, expected success. In one particular scenario, we worked with the international automotive and industrial marketing company Valvoline. The company classified its North American clientele belonging to one of two groups: the Do It For Me (DIFM) clients and the Do It Yourself (DIY) customers. We worked with Valvoline to create a marketing campaign that would appeal to both English- and Spanish-speaking DIY clients located near O’Reilly Auto Parts, who Valvoline sought to develop a marketing relationship with.

After we created a list through list profiling, we utilized variable data printing to create a postcard that contained an individualized PURL. The postcard would be written in English or Spanish depending on the data corresponding with the customer. Additionally, we incentivized postcard recipients to respond online by offering them a free baseball hat and an in-store coupon. After mailing 330,471 postcards, we gathered that the PURL generated a 6.1% response rate, or 20,158 responses. Moreover, the in-store coupon featured on the postcard produced a 7.9% redemption rate, or 26,107 redemptions. We shipped the promised hats within 24 hours of the online response. Valvoline was incredibly pleased with the results of the PURL campaign, so much so that their marketing division had this to say about our service:

“We came back from the O’Reilly National Managers Conference in Nashville this past weekend and Valvoline won Marketing Vendor of the Year Award for our efforts to drive sales in a mature category — specific call-outs were the DIY PURL marketing efforts around NextGen and our Hispanic Marketing execution. Valvoline couldn’t have won it without the guidance and unique solutions presented from you and your team – thank you very much Chase! United Mail is a best-in-class organization.”

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Data is Everything

Our services at United Mail are just as diverse as our clients. We look forward to adapting to whatever industry needs we are presented with, and we relish the opportunity of finding and developing solutions for whatever kind of project. Our services, for the most part, are connected in order to ensure that solution is malleable for your specific project and your specific industry needs. Let us know if United Mail can help you with any of your marketing needs.

By Michael Phillips