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In the last edition of our series, we explore some more instances of when United Mail has provided effective solutions to intricate marketing problems. In this post, we again highlight the broad range of services we offer to an array of diverse clients.

Electronic Document Management

Not too long ago, United Mail stepped in to provide thorough and compelling structural changes to a national medical supplier. The company distributes a variety of medical, veterinary, and dental products in addition to cutting blades and scissors for retail and industrial outlets. After gaining a reputation of providing quality customer service, the supplier encountered a minor problem. Quarterly, they would offer customers special discounts and offers through the mail. When these customers would phone in their special deals, company representatives would have a difficult time locating a particular direct mail campaign, the appropriate discount, and the specific deal. This lapse in understanding internally resulted in wasted time and money. When we met with the supplier, we took it upon ourselves to closely monitor this process. We decided to recommend a simple solution: unique promotional codes on quarterly mail pieces. Instead of wasting the time of both the phone operator and the customer, the rotating promotional code would effectively correspond with the product, the deal, and the recent mail campaign.

As a result, phone operators found themselves with much more time and patience to upsell customers to relevant products. The company was able to maximize their efficiency on the phones through United Mail’s solution.

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Augmented Reality

The last example of our success in marketing solutions focuses on a campaign we conducted for ourselves. United Mail is a direct mail and digital marketing firm dedicated to connecting our clients with their customers in modern, innovative ways. To keep up with the constantly evolving technological climate in today’s marketing world, we decided to add augmented reality strategies to our repertoire. Augmented reality (AR) is a new technology that produces a computer-generated, 3-dimensional image superimposed onto a user’s view of their own real world. To test this new technology, we distributed 90 Christmas cards to some clients in order to display the reach of AR. On top of the image provided on the card, we also delivered a Personalized URL (PURL) to help our clients navigate an iPhone or Android application to view the AR material. Additionally, we gave those clients a choice between a Starbucks gift card or Feeder’s Supply gift basket.

Five months after we sent out the individualized mail pieces, we discovered iPhone downloads of the app was at a 106% rate while Android downloads soared to a 915% rate. These seemingly exaggerated figures are the real deal. They demonstrate further that recipients not only viewed the cards themselves but, instead, shared the pieces with several others. As we discussed in a recent blog post, AR is the way of the future, and this example highlights its potential applications.

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Let’s Get Down to Business

United Mail maintains a profound dedication to our customers. We work actively to achieve high quality customer standards through our active and progressive services. Finally, we can guarantee we’ll provide real-world and state-of-the-art solutions to marketing problems of any scope. Give us a call today, and let’s get started.

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By Michael Phillips