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Here at United Mail, we have been providing communication solutions for decades. Initially, these solutions entailed printing and mailing physical mail pieces. While that service is still the backbone of what we do, we find that – increasingly – our customers require a seamless integration of print and digital communications. Our eDocs service allows us to meet that need.

eDocs is a secure web-based portal that allows you to archive and present documents to your customers digitally. This robust tool provides a single-source solution for managing the opt-in process and presenting documents the way your customers prefer: either digitally or in print format. Want to confirm that an important letter was sent to a specific recipient? eDocs allows you to index, view, and search all documents that have been uploaded, so that you or your customer service team can quickly retrieve any correspondence.

eDocs also allows your customer service team to resend those important documents at the customer’s request, either electronically or through printing and mailing. This allows your customer service team to easily and securely get the right documents in the right hands. This service is highly recommended for bill or policy mailings. This system even allows customers to pay bills using the portal, giving them the option to submit a one-time payment or set up automatic payments.

eDocs Is Cost-Effective and Easy To Set Up

When you opt for our eDocs services, we do most of the legwork for you, with hardly any involvement from your I.T. department required. Our eDocs set up involves no capital expense, no software, low startup fees, and a quick turn time of 8 to 12 weeks. While our set up is quick, it is certainly not a “one size fits all” approach: we work with you to customize a portal that fits your unique needs. This gives you full flexibility to archive and present documents in a way that best enhances your workflow.

A Specialty Insurance Case Study

Although it is a relatively new service, eDocs has already provided big benefits to our clients. To give one example, in 2010, we worked with a national insurance company to help them give their customers the option of receiving bills, notices, and other important documents electronically. Their goal was to reduce print/mail costs, while also reducing customer service calls and speeding up the payment process. Initially, the company thought about using internal resources to set up a portal, but the estimated turn time was 9 to 12 months, and the estimated cost was 10 times United Mail’s price. Because of their experience and confidence in United Mail’s capabilities, they entrusted us to develop their customer online portal. We got the site up and running in 3 months and the project completed on budget.

As a result, 5% of the client’s customers opted in to this online system within the first year. This far exceeded their anticipated rate of 1%, as well as their “break even” rate of 2-3%. Since setting up the site, we have continued to add new functionalities, including the ability to link multiple policies into one account, real-time updates of account and payment status, and email verification upon receipt of an online payment. The success of this project continues to exceed our client’s strategic goals, including increased customer satisfaction and decreased expenses.

More Info on eDocs

If you would like to know how eDocs can support your communication needs, contact us or give us a call at 866-542-2107.

By Brandon Wuske