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If you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe to United Mail’s Marketing Brief, our monthly marketing newsletter. Every month, you’ll gain access to three focused articles from our company blog, which highlights an aspect of direct marketing. Additionally, we’ll showcase a featured United Mail service to help inform your company on new ways to reach existing and new customers.

Great Marketing Content

Our blog posts are wide-ranging in both scope and topic. Often, our posts focus on an element of our industry, like marketing to millennials in our current economic climate, the consequences and effects of increased postage rates in 2018, and the ongoing relevance of direct mail marketing campaigns, to name only a few. We present industry-specific posts because we find it important to keep both ourselves and our clients informed. Separately, provide greater detail on what some of our services are and how those services can be utilized in the real world. Some of these kinds of posts have covered subjects like the benefits of commingling mail, the importance of personalized URLs in marketing campaigns, and the unique resource of Doculivery. Finally, our posts shed light on who we are as a company and what our values are. For example, we have highlighted our company’s recycling program, our important annual Christmas party that celebrates our wonderful employees, and our new staff perspectives that positively affect our direction as a company.

Monthly Featured Service

Within the Marketing Brief, we make sure to feature a highlighted service within our company. In focusing on a specific service, we put a spotlight on a resource that your company could find helpful. In the past, we have helped our clients to learn more about our Digital Storefront, our web-to-print marketing services, and our unique variable mapping printing capabilities. When we concentrate on these services, we aim ultimately to save you money by extending our cost-efficient services.

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Our Marketing Brief is incredibly straightforward, simple, and non-invasive. We’ve all had to unsubscribe from email services because of their spammy nature. We don’t spam. Instead, we send one newsletter every month to shed light on little known facts about our business. This monthly update allows us to all stay on the same page. We aim to maintain a transparency with our clients, and our Monthly Marketing Brief helps us accomplish that goal.

By: Michael Phillips