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It’s that time of the year again. Effective January 27, 2019 the United States Postal Service will increase the price of stamps. While these slightly more expensive rates will undoubtedly affect your direct mail business costs, United Mail can help your company find productive and alternative solutions. In this blog post, we highlight two of our services that will help you navigate these new USPS price rates: commingling and list profiling.

2019 Postage Rates (PDF)

How Commingling Will Save You Money

While we’ve written about the specific nuances of commingling in the past, we can’t reiterate enough how beneficial the presorting exercise can be. The USPS offers businesses substantial discounts for commingling their mail, and United Mail will help you facilitate these savings. More specifically, we enable companies to save 10-20% annually through our commingling process. How do we do it? We presort mail pieces from more than one company to achieve USPS discount minimums for mail quantity collectively going to specifically targeted zip codes. This gets your mail where it’s going faster for a lot less money. United Mail is one of the largest presort companies in our region so we can provide deeper discounts than our competitors.

Make the Most of Your Mail through List Profiling

United Mail offers another way to negotiate effectively the increase in postage: list profiling. This direct mail marketing strategy essentially integrates your customer data with your physical marketing materials. The result is that the right mail pieces reach the right people. United Mail can help in every stage of this process, from collecting customer data through our innovative response-based modeling technique. We then compare different groups of data using our state-of-the-art intelligent software to calculate your highest possible ROI. Further, United Mail has the connections to purchase data from trusted, industry-leading partners, making your direct mail marketing campaign that much more successful.

Let’s Get Started

The new 2019 postage rates certainly pose their own unique challenges. United Mail is here to help. Whether it’s through commingling your mail, list profiling your prospective customers, or one of our many other marketing services, request a call today and let’s get on the same page.

By Michael Phillips