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In December of 2018, United Mail made the decision to distribute entirely unique, personalized Christmas cards to over 900 past, present, and projected clients. We designed this project for two primary purposes: to connect with the people important to us with some holiday cheer and to demonstrate the power of variable data printing. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the entire process that allowed us to send out such a massive quantity of physical materials all with different, individualized information.

A Season of Giving

After considering many viable options, we chose to connect with our clients during the holiday season through a personalized Christmas card. Further, we decided to connect our clients with the people they first associate with United Mail. So before we compiled any marketing materials, we hired a local photographer to take pictures of every member of our staff wearing Santa hats. After we finished the shoot, we created the artwork template to appeal to our clients in the Christmas season. Now that we had our general marketing materials in order, it was time to incorporate variable data printing.

Variable Data Printing: A Christmas Miracle

In order to achieve the level of personalization we needed for this project, we first had to reference our database of clients to determine how each card would be printed. We basically aimed to connect each of our clients with the staff members who worked on their account. Put differently, we wanted to coordinate every client with the people they associate most quickly with United Mail. Once we had applied our general marketing materials and our client database to our innovative variable data printing software, we were able to print all of our unique Christmas cards. Just like snowflakes, no two cards were alike. As a company that prides itself on direct mail and digital marketing, we were more than pleased with this powerful display of variable data printing.

How Variable Data Printing Can Help Your Company

The direct mail and digital marketing possibilities through variable data printing are endless. With our Christmas card campaign, we above all wanted to avoid sending a massively produced, bland, and impersonal message. Because of our state of the art variable data printing software technology, we were able to deliver a meaningful and one-of-a-kind Christmas card to all of our clients. Your business can foster the same connection through our variable data printing services. No matter the size of the project, we’re here to make it happen. Request a call or give us a call today, and let’s get to work.

By Michael Phillips