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5 Ways COVID Has Made Marketing More Effective

5 Ways COVID-19 Has Made Your Marketing and Communications More Effective

COVID-19 has altered the course of businesses worldwide, resulting in a forced evolution of marketing. Events have been canceled, meaning fewer opportunities for a personal touch. Consumers have been isolated for months, their shopping habits turned upside down. Businesses must evolve to meet the new demands of the marketplace and adapt to changing consumer habits. Marketing is feeling the brunt of these demands and pressure is high to show a measurable return on investment (ROI). Let’s consider the COVID impact on [...]

Medical Insurance Innovations

5 Health Insurance Innovations

Save Time, Money, and Lives Most medical insurance companies communicate with their members when there’s a need for a notification—such as during open enrollment or when there’s a change in their plans. However, due to lack of necessary technology and concerns around keeping patient data secure, insurers are losing out on opportunities to proactively reach their members. These missed connections are costing them time and money as well as sabotaging their very mission: to help more people get the medical [...]


Thinking Outside the Box in Direct Mail Marketing

Admittedly, a lot goes into making a direct mail campaign successful. One factor could be the list profiling of prospective customers and recipients. Another could be a more personalized touch you’ve added through variable data printing. While focusing on these aspects of your campaign certainly could improve its effectiveness, this post focuses on the role your marketing and promotional materials play when employing direct mail. In other words, we’ll concentrate on unconventional ways to make your brand stand out [...]

case study overview 3

Case Study Overview – Part Three

In the last edition of our series, we explore some more instances of when United Mail has provided effective solutions to intricate marketing problems. In this post, we again highlight the broad range of services we offer to an array of diverse clients. Electronic Document Management Not too long ago, United Mail stepped in to provide thorough and compelling structural changes to a national medical supplier. The company distributes a variety of medical, veterinary, and dental products in addition to cutting [...]

Direct Mail Marketing and Augmented Reality

Direct Mail Marketing and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is exploding the world of marketing. Recently, a published study established that the AR industry was valued at $2.35 billion in 2015 and predicted it would exponentially rise to $117.4 billion by 2022. So what is AR and why is it so important? Further, what does AR have to do with direct mail marketing? In this blog post, we outline the function of AR and its role in your next successful direct mail marketing campaign. Augmented Reality [...]

Direct Mail Small Business

How Direct Mail Can Grow Your Small Business

Small business marketing is a delicate balancing act: when you lack the enormous marketing budgets that large corporations have, it is essential that every promotional dollar counts. What is needed is a marketing approach that has a proven track record of increasing the bottom line, for companies across the board. Direct mail has been delivering such results for decades, and continues to be a cost-effective way to grow businesses in the twenty-first century. Read below to learn the many [...]

Direct Mail Evolution

The Direct Mail Evolution

Direct mail is constantly evolving. While there is still a place for traditional letters and postcards, new technologies, designs, and materials are constantly being conceived and executed. These innovations allow marketers such as you to reach a wider target audience, and to impact that audience more deeply. If you are curious about some of the amazing ways that direct mail has evolved in recent years, read below. Profile/Variable Mapping Variable mapping uses GPS technology to enhance your mail piece. Using this [...]

Augmented Reality and Direct Mail

Augmented Reality Can Bring Your Direct Mail to Life

Augmented Reality (AR) has become a bigger buzzword in the last few years, with some creative marketing campaigns using it to great success. If you’ve been wondering how you can make your direct mail messaging more compelling and effective, AR might be the answer. Here are some things you should know: Consumers Love Their Smartphones According to the most recent data by Pew Research, 77% of Americans now own smartphones. And, as we mentioned in a previous post, 61% of email users [...]

Augmented Reality Marketing

Why You Should Take Another Look at Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) has been around for a while now, and several marketing campaigns (such as IKEA’s furniture shopping app) have piqued marketers’ interest. But with the explosive popularity of 2016’s Pokemon Go game, more companies are realizing the potential of the technology to grab customer attention. If AR isn’t in your bag of marketing tricks, it might be worth a look. Definition First, let’s look at what AR actually is. In case you’re not familiar, AR is a blending of virtual [...]

Direct Mail Dark Ages

Don’t Get Stuck in the Direct Mail Dark Ages

Direct mail is known as dated and stuffy, with no easy way to determine effectiveness and response rates. This has been especially difficult in the past, because without mail tracking, you might not even know if your customer received a mail piece, much less if they read it, analyzed it, and kept it. Well, we have a few tips and tricks to upgrade your medieval marketing techniques, with current technology. 1. IP Marketing One of our newest technologies is IP Marketing, [...]