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USPS 2020 Promotions

Your Guide to the USPS 2020 Promotions

Once again, the USPS has unveiled a series of promotions that marketers can take advantage of for some real savings. There are six promotions in total, and, with varying registration dates and promotion periods, we’re here to help you make sense of the promotions and help you get the most out of them. USPS Promotions These promotions build on the promotions from years prior, which have been a huge success for everyone. The six promotions this year are similar to those [...]

Online Marketing and Direct Mail Efforts

How Online Marketing Can Enhance Your Direct Mail Efforts

Traditionally, direct mail and online marketing have been seen as two separate marketing streams. Increasingly though, those two streams have been merging, and the results for advertisers have been spectacular. Direct mail can enhance your online marketing efforts, and vice-versa. Here at United Mail, we offer several services that combine online and offline marketing. Specifically, our IP targeting and PURL services are two effective ways to reach clients though print and digital channels. IP Targeting Every physical address has a unique [...]

Digital Banner Ads With Direct Mail Campaign

Using Digital Banner Ads With Direct Mail Campaigns

How to Tie Digital Banner Ads Together with Your Direct Mail Campaign It might seem sometimes that direct mail and digital channels live in different silos. But these channels are merging closer together all the time – and connecting them properly can create a powerful, cohesive branding image across all of your messaging. But there’s one area of digital marketing that you may not think of when connecting your direct mail to other channel promotions: digital banner ads. The IP Address: A [...]

Save the QR Code

Save the Dying QR Code

Many of you have seen the little barcodes on a letter, a billboard, online, or other printed material. Certain creative companies have put a QR code and nothing else on their marketing piece, to get curious viewers to scan it. They were a hit when they came out, and Apple i0S 7 even includes a QR scanner in Passbook. The barcode can take the viewer to any location that the creator wants; ideally, a website, or a good landing [...]

NFC and Direct Marketing

Apple Pay, NFC and Direct Marketing

The iPhone 6 was revealed yesterday, with the Apple Pay system. The Apple Pay System relies on NFC (near-field communications) to send payment information to a vendor. Mobile payment systems like this are intended to replace the physical wallet. Developers will be able to build apps for Apple Pay starting next month. So what is similar to Apple Pay right now? QR Code marketing has been utilized by companies for several years. The use of QR codes has gone up over [...]