Mobile and Direct Mail

Where Does Mobile Fit in Your Direct Mail Campaign?

As of late 2016, 80% of internet users owned smartphones – and more than 50% of those reached for their phones immediately upon waking in the morning. Mobile devices have become a regular part of daily life for many consumers, so it’s important to keep that in mind during the planning of any marketing push. But how can you effectively reach those mobile users in a direct mail campaign? Adding Tech to Print Let’s talk tech first. Adding technical elements to your [...]

Augmented Reality Marketing

Why You Should Take Another Look at Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) has been around for a while now, and several marketing campaigns (such as IKEA’s furniture shopping app) have piqued marketers’ interest. But with the explosive popularity of 2016’s Pokemon Go game, more companies are realizing the potential of the technology to grab customer attention. If AR isn’t in your bag of marketing tricks, it might be worth a look. Definition First, let’s look at what AR actually is. In case you’re not familiar, AR is a blending of virtual [...]

USPS Promotions & Incentives 2017

2017 USPS Promotions & Incentives

The USPS has been implementing the Mailing Promotions & Incentive Programs for First Class & Standard Mail since 2011 to create awareness of innovative usage of mail. You can achieve a 2% upfront postage discount on mail that qualifies for these programs, except for the Earned Value Reply Mail, which has its own promotional value. Check out the calendar to see the registration dates and program periods. The registration date for the Earned Value Reply Mail is almost over, [...]

Save the QR Code

Save the Dying QR Code

Many of you have seen the little barcodes on a letter, a billboard, online, or other printed material. Certain creative companies have put a QR code and nothing else on their marketing piece, to get curious viewers to scan it. They were a hit when they came out, and Apple i0S 7 even includes a QR scanner in Passbook. The barcode can take the viewer to any location that the creator wants; ideally, a website, or a good landing [...]

NFC and Direct Marketing

Apple Pay, NFC and Direct Marketing

The iPhone 6 was revealed yesterday, with the Apple Pay system. The Apple Pay System relies on NFC (near-field communications) to send payment information to a vendor. Mobile payment systems like this are intended to replace the physical wallet. Developers will be able to build apps for Apple Pay starting next month. So what is similar to Apple Pay right now? QR Code marketing has been utilized by companies for several years. The use of QR codes has gone up over [...]