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This is a case study on IP marketing. If you’re looking for a political campaign marketing partner contact us and let’s talk. We have lots of unique ways to reach your key demographic target audience.

The Organization

Our client was Eric Garcetti, a candidate for Los Angeles’ mayoral election.

The Solution

We worked with candidate Garcetti’s team to plan and launch an online campaign that targeted 500,000 voters in LA, focused on Spanish and English-speaking Latinos, aged 18-46. Our IP targeting technology can uniquely target Internet users within a specific household.

Through our vast display advertising network, we watch for instances of targeted IDs on thousands of websites and deliver highly personalized and relevant ads in real-time.

political direct mail United Direct Solutions
The Results

The microtargeting campaign was successful for the Garcetti campaign and United Direct Solutions. According to a report published by the agency, they delivered over 7 million impressions for the Garcetti campaign in over two weeks. United Direct Solutions claims that the microtargeting campaign bought between 10% to 17% better click-through rates for Spanish-speaking Latinos and English-speaking Latinos 18-46. While those returns might sound like another dry marketing statistic, they’re again the reason why election campaigns want to know you better than you know yourself.

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