Direct Mail List Profiling

Need more customers? Get better results by targeting the right customers and prospects.

Research finds pairing the right customer with flawless execution delivers revenues. Let us collaborate with you to set the strategy for the most engaging marketing campaign possible.

List Profiling

Get Smart About Customer Profiling

Profile and model your lists to make your marketing campaign more targeted and increase response rates. Within a few short hours of importing your data to United Mail, you’ll get reports and deep insights on your customers with United Mail’s Intelligent Profiling system.

Focus on Your Prospects with the Most Potential

Response-based modeling from United Mail will deliver your reports on prospects that have the highest probability to make purchases or respond. The super intelligent system can compare two groups of data, such as responders and non-responders, renewals and cancels, or paid and unpaid. By profiling two unique groups, our modeling solutions uncover the highest probability responders, thus dramatically increasing ROI.

Learn Your Customer's Behavior

Understand what makes your customers unique on a key activity like response, renewal or payment. Our comprehensive report helps you learn what motivates your customers and our consultative session with the modeler tells you how to increase response rates.

Purchase Lists from Reliable, Industry Leading Partners

United Mail makes all the best data partners available to you with impartial recommendations and exceptional client service. Cross-referenced data helps provide for a much higher quality of data.