Direct Mail Tracking

Improve your mail delivery forecasting to enhance communications between customer service and your customers with our intelligent mail barcode tracking system. Confirm mail timings and improve your ROI on direct mail campaigns.

United Track leverages IMB data from scans to track mail as it moves through the USPS. Track inbound mail directly to the recipient and get confirmation of delivery timing and accuracy to measure impact and preparedness of your service teams.

Mail Tracking

Choose what you want to track, and we'll set you up for success.

First, we’ll enable your IMB barcode tracking and give you access to manage the platform. You can contact us if you need us. (But our customers rarely do.) All subsequent tracking can be done using your existing barcodes.

Personalize your mail tracking.

We can change aspects of how you track mail based on your recipients’ answers to landing page questions.

Analyze and improve the way you send mail.

United Track can help you manage call center activity, inform omni-channel communications, and test for delivery and timeliness, while identifying trouble areas. Your customers will trust your ability to track incoming mail, including the most content sensitive or time-sensitive mailing.

How Can We Help?

Getting information out to customers is priority number one for a business. United Mail can help you send the message you want to the people who need receive it - no problem. Let us know what we can do to spread the word about your business in a way that works for you.