Digital Marketing Services from United Mail

Our marketing services will help your company generate more leads, more traffic, and convert more customers when you integrate your customer data with email, texting, websites and traditional mailing campaigns.

IP Marketing

We coordinate online banner advertisements with direct mail pieces so customer households are receiving targeted information relevant to their interests.

Augmented Reality

AR brings digital and real worlds together through the most up-to-date technology, bringing your advertising to life in the hands of your customers.


Our digital storefront conveniently allows your team access to all your marketing projects in one central, online location.

Personalized URLs

A personalized URL (PURL) is a unique digital link created for each of your customers, offering them the option of responding online to your marketing campaign.

Email Campaigns

Send attention-getting, well designed email campaigns directly to your customer’s inbox as an impactful way to engage with them.


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