Statement & Invoice Processing

Focus on your business while trusting United Mail to save you time, stress, and money by securely processing your invoices and statements.

Let United Mail handle your company’s invoicing by sending out invoices and statements with verified accuracy. We make sure your billing statements get where they need to go, so you can get the payments you need for your business to operate.

Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing Overview

While electronic billing is on the rise, hard copy will never completely go away. At United Mail we have the ability to provide both. With our camera verification processes and selective inserting, we can bring both accuracy and value to your hard copy billing. Give us a call today for a full demonstration of our capabilities, as we are the premier direct mailing house in Kentucky and Ohio. We provide our direct mailing services to many areas outside our region, for all types of clients, big or small.

Invoice Printing and Mailing Services

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