Variable Print Stitching Services

Print individualized names, maps, coupons, images, etc. within a booklet or brochure with variable print stitching.

No longer do brochure and booklet campaigns have to miss out on the power of variable data printing. Variable print stitching brings the option to efficiently utilize personalized images, text, phone numbers, information, pages, and more in brochures, booklets, and other multi-page projects.

Variable Print Stitching

Variable Print Stitching with Variable Sheets

Now whole pages can be added in or swapped out based on customer data, regional information, or demographic goals. The same 10-page booklet can remain applicable to a variety of customers, even if whole pages within the booklet aren’t. Customer #1 might receive pages 1,2,4,6,8 and 9, while customer #2 receives pages 1,2,5,7 and 10. The customers get a select number of relevant pages, avoiding unnecessary printing, information, and customer confusion. Meanwhile, the highly relevant curated selection of pages will help customers feel like they are being spoken to on a more personal level.

StitchLiner MARK III – Saddle Stitching System

With United Mail’s investment in the StitchLiner MARK III, new variable data printing tasks that would have before been functionally impossible, expensive, and time-consuming are now not just possible, but readily available to be performed for clients and done so with quality, dependability, and consistency.

Variable Print Stitching with Matching Cover

The same cover that works for some people will be less effective for others. Further still, covers that seem less boilerplate and are instead more personal are often much more effective. Sometimes companies have a wide range of customers over a large area. The advertisement or information within their booklet might be the same for all of their customers but ensuring that they open and read through it can be difficult with a cover that has to be applicable to so many different customers.

What is Variable Data Printing

Build more meaningful relationships with your customers by adding messages, relevant photos, and names based on their interests. 70% of consumers are more likely to open mail with color text and personalized content with variable data printing.

Variable Print Stitching Examples

Take a look at some examples of variable print stitching booklets and brochures.

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